Workshop "New Methods of Cleaning Textiles"

Donnerstag 06.06.2013 bis 08.06.2013

Workshop: New Methods of Cleaning Textiles

The Textile Conservation Workshop of the Museum für Islamische Kunst – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin is happy to announce the Workshop:

New Methods of Cleaning

Berlin, Germany; 06. - 08.06.2013

For more information please check the flyer or contact the organizer Anna Beselin (

Report on the workshop

Cleaning historic textiles is a complex task requiring a skilled understanding of the nature of the materials and their degradation, and an informed approach to choosing the most appropriate techniques for the removal of soiling. The workshop ‘New Methods of Cleaning Textiles’ introduced new techniques for textile conservators to consider. Over the course of the three days the workshop primarily covered cleaning with gels and emulsions(macro and micro) using both theory and practical sessions. The theory sessions were accessible and full of information, providing a thorough grounding in the principles of the technique. Workroom sessions in the afternoon put these principles in to practice, allowing participants to watch demonstrations and experiment using the techniques on a wide variety of soils, stains and substrates. The combination of these two types of session was ideal and allowed participants to gain a meaningful and real understanding of the techniques and their practical application. The small number of participants encouraged discussion and sharing of information, and the excellent course leadership and organization meant that the maximum learning was gained from the time available. Course material, samples and notes are useful resources for future reference. Overall, the workshop was thoroughly worthwhile: challenging, inspiring and enjoyable. I am sure we will all use many of the new techniques in our future conservation treatments and personally I am very grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the course.

Sarah Foskett - Conservation Tutor, Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History, Glasgow UK

Some Feedbacks:

I liked:

  • „The presentation of the material was very accessible”
  • “Theory and practice was balanced excellent and were so much fun with lively discussions”
  • “to meet people and exchange experiences and practical time”
  • “new concepts such as conductivity / gel making / enzymes”
  • “the practical work”
  • “the information was very well focused on the field of textile conservation and with a profound chemical background. Good focus on praxis. Always possible t o ask questions.”


What would improve the workshop?

  • “a handout in advance for creating the same level of knowledge”
  • “a repetition session and ongoing classes!”
  • “some ideas about european surfactants or natural products”


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