Multaka: Museum as Meeting Point


Multaka guided tour in Deutsches Historisches Museum © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Islamische Kunst, Foto: Milena Schlösser

Multaka: Museum as Meeting Point is a project that aims to facilitate intercultural exchange, through active cultural participation of people with migration and/or refugee experience.

Initiated by the Museum of Islamic Art in 2015, the project is a cooperation between the Museum of Islamic Art, The Ancient Near East Museum, Bode Museum and the German Historical Museum. Multaka – Arabic for “meeting point” – bridges different historical periods as well as old and new places, by creating a dialogue through guided encounters between exhibits and a diverse audience. Through the acknowledgment of one’s own cultural heritage, knowledge, and language, as well as reclaiming agency by the Arabic and Persian-speaking Guides, the project aims to diversify the narratives in the cultural sphere and to enable confident and constructive connection with cultural institutions. More than 30 Guides were trained within Multaka Berlin, 16 of which are still active with the project.



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